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Dame: Nee, Katekyo Oneesan...
Katekyo: Yes?
Dame: I have a feeling I'm being stalked recently...




So as everyone probably knows by now, POKEMON IS COMING OUT WITH A REMAKE FOR HOEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNN NGH!! NGH ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! Okay, so does that mean I am gonna be posting art soon because I posted a new Journal Entry? Maybe. I don't know. I'm kinda mixed now with my fandoms. You're all free to ask me what to draw but right now I am freaking out over hoenngh! (Yes I know it is spelled Hoenn)

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Which am I choosing?
I have mixed feelings on which one I should get. I really want Omega Ruby because the very first game I got was Pokemon Ruby. But I want Alpha Sapphire because even though I do have regular Sapphire I didnt play it much. ARGHHH!! Ruby or Sapphire? I'm still debating...

Which Pokemon Starter am I choosing?
Treeko. You cannot stop me. Treeko was my first so I'm going with him!!

Oh yes, the Spring Semester is over now, I have finals next week, but that means I am freeeeeeeee to draw!! YAY!
  • Listening to: Hoenn Soundtrack
  • Reading: Study Guides, I got finals!
  • Watching: Food Network
  • Playing: Pokemon Ruby
  • Eating: Calbee Seaweek and Salt
  • Drinking: Water


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Chaos! I am Dame, not Dame like female (though I am a girl) but Dame as in Dah-meh. The japanese term for a No-good person (No good as in not good in something, not evil). You may call me Dame Senchou though! For that is my new alias!

I am a short, little Asian who has a passion for drawing/ class, night~
I love sleeping and eating too...yum...

I currently am into tofu soup though~

I <3 One Piece, KHR, Kuroko no Basuke and...and...gah, I'm hungry...Lionfishes are pretty cool -nod nod- And Lions and pandas!!

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Bitches guess who :D lol Don't we look fabulous in my profile picture. Suuuuuuppperrrrrrrr! Anyways so i needed a place to keep all my drawing besides tumblr~ took ya 5hrs to respond to my texxxttttttttt. Shall I upload our little banner sketches xD LOL
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